The website inventarioforestale.org allows to access data and documentation of the Italian National Forest Inventory (National Inventory of Forests and forest Carbon pools - INFC). It is possible to download inventory statistics and the data used to produce them, and descriptions of the survey protocols.

The data collection was carried out by Corpo Forestale dello Stato (CFS) in the INFC2005 campaigns and by the Carabinieri Command of Forestry, Environmental and Agri-food Units (CUFA) in INFC2015 campaign. In the Autonomous Regions and Provinces, surveys were conducted by the local Forest Services. Data collected were processed by the Research Centre for Forestry and Wood (former Forest Monitoring and Management Research Unit) of the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA-Forestry and Wood, former CRA-MPF or ISAFA), which is in charge of the scientific and technical aspects of the Italian NFI.

Data and documents available on  inventarioforestale.org  are owned by CUFA and CREA.
They are freely available for any use except for compiling statistics on Italian forests at any level (national, regional, sub-regional, local). INFC is part of the National Statistic System and the NFI official statistics are exclusively those published by CUFA and CREA. Users of NFI data and products downloaded from this website have the contractual obligation to cite, as the source of the data,  inventarioforestale.org .