Introductory note

The service has been created to improve availability of the Italian National Forest Inventory data and documentation (National Inventory of Forests and forest Carbon pools - INFC). From the service it is possible to download the data used to produce the NFI statistics and the protocols used for the survey.

The data come from the field surveys carried out by the crews of the Corpo Forestale dello Stato (CFS) and of the Autonomous Regions and Provinces, as processed by the Forest Monitoring and Management Research Unit of the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA-MPF, former CRA-MPF or ISAFA), which is in charge of the scientific and technical aspects of the NFI, as stated by the Ministerial Order  13/12/2001.

The data available from are Corpo Forestale dello Stato property.  Intellectual property of the data and the documents belongs to CFS and CREA-MPF.
The data are freely available for any use except to compile statistics on forests at any level (national, regional, sub-regional, local level). INFC is part of the National Statistic System and the NFI official statistics are exclusively those published by CFS and CREA-MPF. Users of NFI data and products downloaded from this website have the contractual obligation to cite  as the source of the data.